settingupSetting Up
Step by step instruction on setting up the Razer Chroma SDK

gettingstartedDeveloper Checklist
Build the perfect Chroma integration by ensuring these key developer checklist has been followed through

chromaparticlesRazer Chroma Lighting Practices
Learn the best way to utilize Razer Chroma within your game or application by referring to this detailed guide with examples.

profileProduct LED Profiles
Learn about the visual representation of every Razer Chroma product and its respective LED profiles.

compatibilityCommunity Resources
Check out the wide range of available resources that may be able to assist you such as Colore—the highly popular C# Library for the Razer Chroma SDK.

video-galleryVideo Gallery
Watch our gallery of Razer Chroma videos to learn and get inspired on coding the very best possible effects.

compatibilityCompatible Devices
Full list of Razer Chroma SDK compatible devices

Frequently asked questions by the developers.