Getting Started
A step-by-step guide to setting up the Razer Chroma SDK.

Developer Checklist
Build the perfect Chroma integration by ensuring this key developer checklist has been followed through.

Chroma Link
Map your Razer Chroma RGB effects to the ever-expanding third-party Chroma ecosystem of existing and future products.

Product LED Profiles
Explore a visual representation of our Razer Chroma products and their respective LED profiles.

Chroma Animation
Tips and samples for authoring and scripting interesting Chroma animations.

Video Gallery
A gallery of Razer Chroma videos that will inspire you to create the very best possible effects.

Razer Chroma Lighting Practices
Learn the best way to utilize Razer Chroma within your game or application with this detailed guide.

Frequently asked questions by the developers.

Community Resources
Discover a wide range of available resources that are created by and supported by the community.