The Razer Chroma SDK is completely free and open to developers to either integrate advanced lighting effects right into the game, or create standalone applications that take complete control of the keyboard’s lighting system.


Learn more about the various phases in the program and what we can do for you.

Phase 1 Evaluation
  • Submit your game and company’s information
  • Razer will evaluate your application and reach out to applicants
Phase 2 Approval
  • Upon approval, Razer will get in touch with you via email regarding the Developer Program. Developer Program
  • T&Cs are non-binding and is in place to specify your eligibility to certain rewards on hitting certain milestones
  • Unlocks Reward Tier 1
Phase 3 Development
  • Applicant works on integrating Razer’s SDK(s)
  • Razer will support the developer with any technical queries
Phase 4 Publish
  • Game is released with the Razer Chroma integration
  • Collaborate with Razer’s Marketing team for cross promotion
  • Unlocks the Reward Tier 2


1. Partner Discounts
– 15% off Razer Peripherals
– 5% off Razer Systems


1. Event Support
Loaning of peripherals for your game booth at key events.

2. Marketing Package
Once your game has been published with Razer Chroma, we will collaborate with your marketing team to run a social media campaign across our channels announcing your game’s Razer Chroma feature.

It typically comes together with our video team producing a short clip showcasing your game and it’s integration along with a giveaway of our Razer products together with your game keys/cosmetics. Depending on the quality of integration, we can run unique campaigns around it.

On top of that, we will also list your game or application on our Razer Chroma Workshop where our community visits to check out the latest integrations. They will be able to learn more about your game via the link within your game’s image.

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