Chroma SDK

Getting Started

Chroma SDK Core Files 1.10.6
Chroma SDK Documentation 1.8.3

Developer Package

Contains the Sample Application and Documentation


From 29th October 2015 onwards, the SDK Core Files will be packaged with Synapse for every owner of a Chroma peripheral. This means that both users and developers can simply launch any Chroma SDK integrated files and the peripheral will automatically behave as programmed.

1 . Install the latest version of Synapse with the Chroma SDK

Download it here. The latest SDK Core Files will be automatically downloaded and installed when a Chroma peripheral has been detected. In the event whereby you need the SDK Installer, you can download the latest version here.

2. Download the Developer Package

Download and extract the “Developer Package”. This contains the Sample Application and Documentation for the Chroma SDK.

3. Read the documentation

The documentation is located within \docs\index.html. Refer to the FAQ if you have any questions or feel free to contact us directly.

4. Try out the Sample Application

The sample application is located in the documentation package at \Sample\RazerChromaSampleApplication\Release\RazerChromaSampleApplication.exe.

The application will allow you to try out the effects for each of our SDK supported devices. You are also able to view the source code to better understand how the code works.

5. Loading a sample code

Open a C/C++/C# code editor such as Microsoft Visual Studio and load a sample code. You can find sample codes from the folder where the documentation was unzipped.

6. Writing your code

Begin coding your Chroma App either by editing the provided sample codes or starting a new project. Use the API to help you understand the SDK syntax.

7. Compiling

Compile your completed code into an executable (.exe) application.

8. Distribution

Fill up the information in the file ChromaAppInfo.xml which is located in the documentation package and distribute with your executable. You can now distribute your Chroma App via the Chroma Workshop.

Colore with Unity


Colore is a powerful, elegant library for developing Razer Chroma applications in C# with all the .NET goodness you would expect.

Developed by Corale Studios, their members are partner developers who work closely with Razer on releasing key tools for everyone to use.

The documentation can be found enclosed within the “” file.

Colore now fully supports Unity.

Instructions for Unity:

  1. Download the AnyCPU version to allow users on a 64-bit machine to use it, even if your game was built in 32-bit.
  2. Extract the files into the Assets/plugins folder within your Unity project.