Razer Nabu Hackfest 20th November 2014

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We concluded our first open Razer Nabu Hackathon at The HackFest at AppsWorld that took place last week in London. The brief for The HackFest was simple – participants have 36 hours to come up with a functioning app that uses the innovative social features of the Razer Nabu to enhance the everyday life of the user.

We’re pleased to see some really interesting ideas out of 21 teams that entered – ideas ranged from an augmented reality capture-the-flag style game to a real time travel app that utilizes iBeacons.

Picture2The winning app was ‘Gamers Everywhere’, which utilizes our own unique band-to-band wireless networking feature, Pulse, to locate gamers nearby, see each other’s profiles and subsequently allow them to connect through the High-five gesture to exchange Steam contact details.

So here’s a little more about Pulse, our proprietary wireless system: Pulse allows two or more Razer Nabu smartbands in a specified proximity to automatically exchange unique user tags. Users can decide what information they wish to share publicly. These tags can then be used by third-party apps to help users make new friends, discover people with similar interests and even create multiplayer gaming experiences… and more. Pulse lets you create a social network that lives in the offline, with online significance.

Picture3The HackFest provided an illuminating experience for everyone in that, it showed the many possibilities of the Razer Nabu, what it can do for app developers and at the end of the day, the different utilities that improve our eventual Razer Nabu owners’ lives.

If you’re a developer interested to develop for the Razer Nabu, we want you! Find out more and sign up here: http://rzr.to/dev4nabu

For the rest of the guys, the Razer Nabu will be arriving soon, and for a start, it will be available to Razer Insider members – stick around for more information.

Learn more about the Razer Nabu: http://rzr.to/nabu